Since ancient times, people have turned to plants or plant parts for their healing properties. Essential oils are liquids extracted and distilled from the bark, flowers, leaves, resin, roots, or seeds of a plant. The liquids are highly concentrated, with the creation process often using thousands of pounds of raw material to create ounces of oil. These aromatic volatile oils have a light molecular weight and, when applied topically, are able to penetrate skin to be transported into the circulatory system. Some essential oils may provide immediate benefits, while others may gradually work their magic. Natural compounds such as these can enhance mind, body, and soul.

Essential Oil Recipe Hub was started to create a recipe collection full of fun, therapeutic, and relaxing essential oil uses. We love essential oils for a wide variety of uses, from a moisturizing after sun skin application or a heavenly bath experience, to great-smelling cleaners and deodorizers. We are growing a collection and we cannot do it without you! You are invited to share your essential oil recipes with us to grow the collection.

So sit back, grab a cup of herbal tea, and join us in the fantastic world of essential oils!


– Essential Oil Recipe Hub team

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